The Jeffrey Adams Dining Experience In Downtown Winston Salem

The Jeffrey Adams Dining Experience
In Downtown Winston Salem

By Brian Watkins

Come experience a modern dining experience that’s classy yet affordable. Jeffrey Adams on 4th is a three-story restaurant right in the heart of Winston Salem, and is a center point for a lot of community events. With a seasonal menu that includes prime cut steak and a variety of other dinner options, Jeffrey Adams is perfect for special occasions and a no-frills outings alike. This October marks three years for the restaurant in Winston Salem.
The bottom floor of the restaurant houses the winery, and can also seat 30 people for group events. Otherwise, the two other main floors are where guests primarily sit. Each main floor has a bar where customers can enjoy drink specials Monday through Friday. The third floor has large windows that provide a nice view of 4th Street and Marshall — particularly nice when the city has festivals and other events going on.
The restaurant is also beside the Stevens Center theater, which is home to the University of North Carolina’s school of the arts and an ongoing opera scene. It’s a nice ambiance to be around in the evenings, and makes for a convenient night on the town.
One thing that makes this restaurant different is the locally sourced food. Beef and other meat is obtained from nearby suppliers, and the owners actually have their own farm where they grow their own produce. The menu varies a bit throughout the year to reflect the changing harvest. Owner Adam Andrews says that the next harvest will be soon, and will include a whole bunch of tasty veggies.

Regarding the menu in general, Adam says “You can get center cut sirloin and ribeye, but we’re not a steakhouse; you can get a lot of other things here too.”
Have a look at the gallery on their website to see some of these delectable treats: everything from shrimp and seafood to chicken and vegetarian options.

Jeffrey Adams is open at 11am Monday through Sunday, with closing times varying from 9pm on Sunday and Monday to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. You can find them at 321 West 4th Street, Winston Salem.
Call for more information at  (336) 448-1714 or visit their website at