Tapped into Craft, Libations and Victuals: Not Your Father’s Root Beer


Spencer Davis from City Beverage and Tim Beeman II from The Less Desirables collaborate to give you both a professional beer purveyor’s and a craft brew critic’s (and self-appointed beer snob) points-of-view of craft brews available in the Piedmont area.
Spencer Davis explains the beer’s credentials: Small Town Brewery is located in Wauconda, Illinois.   Not Your Father’s Root Beer is the fastest selling new craft beer in American this year.  This beer went from being poured on draft in a few bars and restaurants, to just signing with Pabst Brewing Company in March and is set to be distributed in all 50 states by the end of the year.  There are three different root beers they brew: 1.Not Your Father’s Root Beer (Year Round-5.9%), 2.Not Your Father’s Root Beer (Limited Edition-10.7%) and 3. Not Your Father’s Root Beer (Limited Edition-19.5%).  The only one available in NC at this time is the lower 5.9% ABV version. If you like Root Beer then you’ll love this bold, smooth and spicy craft beer!  This brew will satisfy the craft beer aficionado as well as the person that doesn’t like beer but enjoys a good root beer. Not Your Father’s Root Beer makes a fantastic Root Beer float.
From Tim Beeman: The beauty of Not Your Father’s Root Beer is the authentic root beer flavor without you being fully aware of the alcohol within. This is, of course, for the 5.9% ABV variety that is sold at City Beverage, but you’ll only need the 5.9% to make you happy. We reviewed it on The Less Desirables and I believe that I rated it 4 out of 5 pints.  The flavor is, to me, every bit as good as tasting a Barq’s or I.B.C. and if I was blindfolded and had a few of them in front of me, chances are I wouldn’t know the difference between true root beer and this. Not Your Father’s Root Beer is extra sugary, so if you’re not one for over-the-top sugar flavor profiles, then this is probably one that you should limit the amount of in one sitting. I had three of them and that was pushing it. The others on The Less Desirables that night limited theirs to two at a time. Is it a gimmick beer? Not exactly although it really could be perceived as one, in my opinion. The bottom line is this beer is tasty, refreshing and full of flavor. It’s not your typical beer, nor root beer, and it certainly isn’t “your father’s root beer.”
Where to find “Not Your Father’s Root Beer”:
City Beverage: Winston-Salem
Cooper’s Ale House: Greensboro
Second & Green Tavern: Winston-Salem
Stumble Stilskins: Greensboro
The Deck: Jamestown

Spencer Davis is owner of his family’s company, City Beverage, which has been selling fine beer and wine since 1946. They’re located at 915 Burke Street in Winston-Salem and on the web at www.citybeverage.com. Tim Beeman is co-owner, co-host and producer of The Less Desirables Podcast and The Less Desirables Podcast Network featuring The Less Desirables, Tart & Tangy Triad, The Beer Dads, Electric Camel Pod and Fan Interference podcasts. Find out more on their Facebook page or