NY Pizza Bar and Grill on Battleground Greensboro NC


NY Pizza Bar and Grill is truly a must try for the serious pizza fan. Owner Rosario Mascali has spent the bulk of his life in the restaurant business, having owned every type of Italian Ristorante from a casual dining to intimate bistros.

The restaurant is located at 2704 Battleground Ave in Greensboro, and serves up nightly beer and cocktail specials. For the consummate beer lover, NY Pizza Bar and Grill also has a beer menu two pages long! Browse an incredible selection of local and import beers that go great with all the freshly grilled entrees.

Curious about the current beer selections? You can find NY Pizza Bar and Grill on the Taphunter app (www.taphunter.com), which lists a complete menu of all the beers offered.

The grill is currently featuring a new Angus Burger menu with some signature twists. These aren’t your typical sandwiches. Unique combos like the Cubano, Godfather, The Texan, and The Socal are perfect places to start to enjoy a burger unlike anywhere else. Just how different do these burgers get? Check out the Bacon and Egg Cheeseburger, made with 100% Angus beef.

In the tradition of fine Italian restaurants Mascali has succeeded with before, guests can also enjoy familiar Italian specialties like soups, salads, pastas, and pizza — with generous portions all around.

Evenings out aren’t just for weekends. NY Pizza Bar and Grill  features Trivia Night every Wednesday, starting at 9:30. For date nights or just to mix up the week a bit, it’s a fun atmosphere to enjoy a delicious meal.

You can even browse the menu ahead of time online with a variety of mobile apps. Simply look up NY Pizza Bar and Grill on Facebook, Grubhub, Eat24, or Eatstreet mobile apps for up-to-date menus.

Hours are 11AM  to 12PM Tues-Sat. 11AM  to 10 PM Sun-Mon.

Visit www.nypbattleground.com for more information or to order in advance for pickup at 336-286-7667.