The Bed Gallery – Greensboro NC Starts its 20th year on Battleground

The Bed Gallery – Greensboro NC

Starts its 20th year on Battleground

In 2016 The Bed Gallery will celebrate its 20th year at their Battleground Avenue location in Greensboro. The secret of one of the oldest mattress only stores here in Greensboro is an ongoing emphasis of exceptional customer service and great deals on merchandise produced strictly in the Triad area.

The brands that are carried here are all made in North Carolina.  For example, Serta a nationally known mattress brand is actually made in Whitsett and it is no accident that The Bed Gallery is one of the largest Serta dealers in the Triad area. The other major brands Corcicana and Mattress Tech are also made locally in the Triad.

The motto at the Bed Gallery is keep it local in every way. The same person who sells you your mattress may also be the person who comes to your home to deliver it.

Scott Kay recently was quoted saying that “We have always focused on customer service and keeping things local. Many of our customers have been with us for the entire time we’ve been open and now we are selling to their sons and daughters”.

This longevity clearly shows that a strictly local approach delivering great deals and exceptional service to a loyal customer base is the secret of survival for this 20 year veteran of the ongoing mattress wars here in Greensboro.

There are always specials running at The Bed Gallery and so you don’t miss any, please bookmark our website and come back often to see what is new.

The Bed Gallery
3741 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27410
Phone:(336) 545-7622