Triad Local First Featured Business: Elliott’s Custom Sawmill


Elliott’s Custom Sawmill
Ken Elliott never thought that a college assignment to design his own logo would ever come in so handy. Now, he uses the same logo he designed over 30 years ago for his independent, locally owned custom sawmill business. Elliott began his career in construction, which involved clearing many acres of woodland to make way for highways and developments. They often burned or hauled the cleared wood to the dump, which Elliott thought was a waste of a good resource.
Elliott decided to be as resourceful as possible when fixing up his 100-year-old farm, where his family raised Black Angus cattle in Winston-Salem. In 2001, Elliott purchased a Wood-Mizer sawmill to make lumber for various fence and barn projects around his farm. Word quickly spread through the county that he had a mobile sawmill and thus Elliott’s Custom Sawmill was born. Elliott strives to respect trees that have been growing for decades by harvesting or scavenging them to create lumber for building or craft. When cut properly, the wood can last for more decades to come.
Elliott enjoys seeing how and where his work ends up. While waiting to be seated at Spice Cantina, a new restaurant located at the Railyard in Greensboro, Elliott recognized the wood used to build a bench as well as two end tables. Elliott confirmed with Spice owner Jim Budd that the furniture was built from lumber that Elliott’s Custom Sawmill provided.
Elliott’s Custom Sawmill has provided lumber for furniture, homes, breweries and much more. Elliott even works with his customers to recycle the waste on the job. The mobility of his sawmill allows Elliott to eliminate haul costs and the ability to complete jobs on location. Check out the Elliott’s Custom Sawmill website here for more information about services and prices. Keep it local for your next lumber project.